2 years ago J and I renewed our vows for our 10 year anniversary. We recommitted to remain faithful and supportive of each other. We celebrated our love in the field among our closest friends and family. The golden sunset was the spotlight, the countryside was our backdrop, and it was beautiful.
Last week SJ had her last day at her tdeaf school before her cochlear implant surgery. I just happened to be there while when an intern needed to interview one of the parents for her practicum. One of the questions I was asked was if I feel like my daughter’s “exceptionality” (apparently that’s the latest politically correct word) has had an affect on my marriage. I could honestly say that it has brought us closer together. I’ve seen families ripped apart when difficulties arose, but the Lord has been our rock in the midst of these challenges and I give him all the glory for keeping our family strong. I was able to share all of this with the student that interviewed me last week. I am so grateful to have a godly man in my life that is completely dedicated as a husband and father.
 The most valuable thing that he has done for me in this season is listening. There have been so many unknowns this past year. I had to be able to sift through it all out loud and he was there to listen. He sympathized with me, encouraged me, and allowed me to cry.
 Today makes 12 years and although this anniversary was spent preparing for the big surgery tomorrow I have never felt closer. Don’t get me wrong I think romance and date nights are absolutely critical in a marriage, and I would love to be on a cruise right now, but this year we are going to be holding hands in the waiting room as the doctors perform a surgery that will allow our daughter to hear. She’s going to be able to hear the word love, to speak it, and to listen to love songs like the one her dad wrote for me and surprised me with on our wedding day. I can’t think of any better anniversary gift than that.