I took Ezra’s newborn photos with the old family Bible.
 As I scrolled through the pages looking for the book of Ezra I found some keepsakes from my dad’s side of the family.
 Each item tucked in between the pages had so much history enclosed about people that I am connected to but have never even met, like the obituary for my uncle Jack who passed away when he was only a senior in high school.
Ezra’s name is so significant because it represents the two things that are most important to us, faith and family. Our son’s name was not only inspired by the priest in the Bible, 
but it is a family name as well. J’s grandfather’s middle name was Ezra. We also got Ezra’s middle name, Wesley, from J’s dad.
Ezra’s birth announcement’s just came in the mail and I am so pleased with how they came together.
On the back there is a small balck and white photo along with this verse.
With praise and thanks they sang this song to the Lord: He is so good! His faithful love for Israel endures forever! Ezra 3:11
Back in the old days, like when I was born, birth announcements actually ANNOUNCED the birth to friends and family far away. You would get a card in the mail with the news, like whether it’s a boy or girl and how much they weighed etc. I know this is the digital age and all of my friends online knew the gender months ago and most of them saw pictures and read the whole birth story within a week after he arrived. I still like to send out a few official announcements though (even if it is 6 weeks later). It’s nice to have a photo to hang on the fridge or put in a scrapbook. I might even sneak one into the old family Bible. I think it would make a great bookmark for the book of Ezra.


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