I still have to take E’s official newborn photos along with pics of all of the kids together and with other family members, but I am being really strict about taking a full 2 weeks to recover from childbirth. 2 1/2 years ago I pushed it a little too much and got sick after having SJ, and the same thing happened with Z. So I am just resting and starting to feel more and more like my normal self everyday. Anyway, with photo sessions on hold I will share with you some wonderfully low quality pics taken with my old iPhone.
This was the outfit Z wore home from the hospital.

 Here J is putting him in the carseat for the first time. He left the hospital weighing 7.9 pounds. He is my smallest baby by a full pound.

 The kids like to make sure he has his “lovie”. I can’t get enough of those little newborn smirks.

 The photo below was taken at his first pediatric appointment. They had him come in for a second visit just to check weight and he is now 7.14.

 E is a natural when it comes to breast feeding. We haven’t had any problems at all, but when the lactation consultants at the hospital asked, I admitted his biggest obstacle is just waking up or staying awake. He is now 11 days old and still sleeps almost constantly. This is a rare photo of him with his eyes open, and you get to see that handsome dark hair of his too.

 Before E was born we searched at several stores for an orange hat because a lot of the clothes we gravitated towards had orange in them. Our orange hat search was fruitless, but at the hospital they have volunteers that donate knit hats for each baby and E’s was ORANGE! One of the nurses even commented on his hat because they give many different colors, but she hadn’t seen an orange one before. We think they made pumpkin hats for October which was perfect for my October birthday boy.

E is just the sweetest, cuddliest, sleepiest, and most content baby. However, I know the days are coming where he is going to require a little more. I am sure it will be a rude awakening for E when the family visits will be over and he won’t be held ALL THE TIME, but for now it’s easy street and nothing but cuteness. I’ll take it.