I am less than two weeks away from my due date! I’ve said this before, but both of my kids were due on the 9th (of different months) and born on the 4th just shy of 1:00 am. So if I follow suit, this baby could be here in about a week! Both of my children were also similar weight and height. That’s why I am going to GUESS this baby will be

born- October 5th at 2:00 am
weighing- 8.10 pounds
measuring- 21 inches

I am just throwing that out there. Feel free to give your own guesses!

It’s funny how the majority of the pregnancy I have been giving myself a guilt trip for being so distracted with other things. I guess I am making up for it now because ALL I can think about is getting ready for the new arrival (and chewing ice, which I know means I am probably anemic, but anyway…). This has felt like the quickest pregnancy ever and I can’t believe the big day could be any day now!

I try to make it a tradition to get out and have some fun at the end of each pregnancy. So, the past week has been spent celebrating and enjoying quality time with the people I love.

Saturday was my baby shower which was really special. I had such a great time just hanging out with all the other women that I hardly ever get to talk to and I felt very loved.

 The theme was Little Prince. The diaper castle and castle cake were AMAZING!

 Above: Friends from church Below: My cousin, mom, nephew, and sister in laws.

Tuesday was shopping and pedicures with my mom. We spent the whole day trying to prepare and pamper at the same time. It was a success!

I am currently on my baby moon with J which has been so wonderful. My favorite part is just getting to rest. I took several naps and went to bed early last night. I’ll be dreaming about that child free temperupedic hotel bed for months to come.

I don’t have many pics yet, but here are our coffees at our favorite little hang out place in Lexington.

Now that I am feeling refreshed I am ready to get back to business. This next (potentially last) week of pregnancy I plan on using every ounce of my time and energy to get all the final details ready for this little guy. Here we go!