Someone very special has a birthday tomorrow! That same someone fell off a jumper toy that he is way too big for and somehow managed to get 3 stitches in his ear yesterday.
He keeps us on our toes that is for sure. I am going to miss him being 4. In honor of this milestone I have tried to think of 10 of my favorite funny Z moments from the past year.
1. Z asked me to play a song while we were driving. I said sure and I started to sing while I searched for the track on the ipod. Z interrupted my musical outburst by saying “Mommmm, I wanted the car to sing it”. 
2. The last time Z had to get new glasses J took him and it was a huge fiasco. The eye wear place messed everything up and finally J and Z went out to get some food while waiting for the new frames. J called me to vent and Z of course was tuned in to everything he was saying. When they were back in the store to pick up the glasses Z shouted out “Dad, what are we doing here? I thought you said we would NEVER come back to this place again?”
3. Just recently Z’s preschool teacher informed me that at rest time Z says “I really don’t like to lay here with this music, it’s stressful for me.
4. We stopped by a coffee shop after Z had gotten a shot and therefor had on a bandaid. He was concerned when he saw this sign and said”Oh no, they don’t allow any bandaids here!”

5. Having dealt with my fair share of nausea this pregnancy, Z has caught on to the routine. When he heard that I felt like throwing up he eagerly retrieved a “puke bucket” for me. I took this photo later so I could remember what he brought me. 

6. The “What to Expect” app on my phone keeps track of how big the baby inside of me has grown by comparing it to produce. This entire pregnancy Z has wanted to know what “fruit” the baby is.  For the longest time he was a head of lettuce and Z constantly asked me when he wasn’t going to be a lettuce anymore. I didn’t know if there would be any future updates so finally I said “I don’t know if it’s going to change. It might just stay on lettuce.” In all sincerity he broke down, “Oh man! I thought my brother was going to turn into a human!” We have since cleared up the confusion and he is aware that the baby is not literally a fruit or vegetable. 

7. J asked me if I had gotten a hold of so and so and I said “not yet, we’ve been playing phone tag”. Z overheard this and bursts into the room dying to play phone tag with us. 

8. While in the waiting room for my prenatal appointment the nurse wanted to go ahead and get my blood drawn since I had already had my glucose drink. Her exact words were, “You can come on back, I am going to go ahead and draw you now.” Z heard this and you could tell his wheels were spinning as he said “She is going to draw my mom? That’s interesting.”
9. “J and I were getting a rental car and my parents watched the kids. Z inquired about where we were and my mom answered “they are picking up a car”. Z’s response, “They can pick up a car? That’s pretty strong.”
10.  Looking at a map that had a symbol for no wheel chair access Z announces that the sign says no one is allowed to go potty here.

PS- In that last photo of Z he is on a dock looking down at the fish. Every time he bent over you would see Woody from Toy Story peeking over staring at you. That was before Z owned a belt.