I am a whopping 33 weeks along in my pregnancy, which means the baby will be here in less than 2 months for sure, and he could arrive even a month from now. In the meantime I have a lot to get done. We’ve traveled SO MUCH this year I feel like I am running behind, but that last trip to Texas was the cut off. I won’t be going anywhere for a while. The next trip we take this baby will be in a car seat and not in my belly!  
At my last prenatal checkup I went to tour the hospital that I will be delivering at. This will be my first hospital birth. It was fun to get to see where we will be going on the big day. 

There is a nice little  atrium in the center of the building
and a waiting area with accommodations for the kids. Children are welcome in the delivery room, but that is not in the game plan for me. They can come and meet their new little brother just as soon as the labor is over. 
The thing that I was not impressed with, and I guess that’s why I didn’t snap any photos on my phone, were the actual hospital rooms. I am so used to a comfy, homey environment. I was hoping for something more like a birth center, but what I found was very typical, sterile rooms with bright fluorescent lights, uncomfortable looking furniture, and a view of the parking lot. Bleh! I know, I sound like I am whining more than the new baby will. I am sure that in the moment I will be too distracted to worry about any of those details. I am actually looking forward to getting to experience the birth environment that 97% of American women have their babies in. After this I will have had a birth center birth, water birth, home birth, and hospital birth. 
I am starting to feel pretty confident in my body and even though I pray that I will never have a baby in a car or unassisted I feel like I am just about up for anything.