Anyone ready for a lighter note? I am. After weeks of letting the idea of SJ’s hearing loss sink in I am finally beginning to feel a little more like myself again. My mom and I went off on our own this past Wednesday to have some quality girl time.
We started the morning with a coffee stop. Chai latte is my drink of choice during pregnancy because it’s less caffeine. After that, my mom treated me to a hair cut and style. For those that know how cheap I am, a professional haircut, even if it is by a Paul Mitchell student, is a real treat. I got bangs… again.The last time I had official bangs was 2 and a half years ago when I was pregnant with SJ so it must be a pregnancy thing. It’s like a bangs craving. I had pinned this Reese Witherspoon picture last month and printed it out for the stylist.

So far I’ve been very happy with the results.
After the haircut we had a nice girly lunch.

Vegetable sandwich with a side of tabouleh for me. Don’t worry, I had a french silk pie blizzard at the mall later. I would hate to be too healthy.
We went to a very nice consignment shop after lunch, where I found a dress for a rehearsal dinner I have coming up

and my mom got some white shorts to wear for Key West trip they were about to take.
Lastly, on the way into the mall we saw a Canadian goose that looked like it had built a nest in a little median of the parking lot. Someone had left a bowl of water for this urban mother goose which was awfully thoughtful. Then when we were leaving the goose was standing up and we could see a couple little baby goslings. Oh, it was adorable!

It’s nice to be able to just ramble about what I am doing with my hair, what I had for lunch, or where I went shopping. As women sometimes we need to be able to talk about the fluff. Because even though it might not seem like it matters, it’s really important to get to talk about things that really aren’t “important” at all.