Today we head to Louisville, home of the University of Kentucky wildcats, but the NCAA team will not be there because, if you follow the March Madness mayhem at all, you know that UK is in New Orleans getting ready to face off against KU for the men’s basketball championship game. Pretty much everyone (including my husband’s bracket) say that Kentucky is a shoe in for the national title. I have been informed by various family members that I have to root for UK since I now live in Kentucky, the big blue nation, but I was rooting against them just last week when they played UofL in the final four, and since I am a big Louisville lover I pulled for the underdogs. In the end Louisville did lose of course, but not without a fight.

People here (in Kentucky) are CRAZY basketball fanatics. They don’t have an NBA team, but college ball is HUGE and this UK stuff is serious business. I mean SERIOUS business. They had water baptism at our church yesterday and couple of the participants were dunked in their wildcats attire. In this past month I couldn’t help but get swept up in some of the hype, which has been a lot of fun actually, and next year I plan on getting in on the competition with a bracket of my own. We’ll see how it all goes down tonight.

Whew. That was a lot of sports talk for my little mom blog, especially coming from someone who had never watched a game of college ball in my life, but let it be known that if UK does win, my baby will be born in a city of champions, Wildcats territory, Lexington Kentucky. I’m actually about to take off to go to our 2nd appointment with the midwife. Thanks for listening to me ramble about sports, I assure you it is short lived. After the game tonight you probably won’t hear me mention basketball again unless it is referencing the size of my belly in a few more months.