From the moment you came into this world you were already proving to us that you were going to do things your own way. I had planned a home birth, which to some may seem a little unconventional, however I did NOT plan on you coming in the the middle of my bath time.

As I watched your daddy (assisted by a midwife, for the record) pull you out of the water and place you in my arms I knew our lives were about to change forever. You have brought so much joy to us in the past two years. Your smile multiplies into more and more smiles from everyone around you. Your squeals are a recipe of shear delight. You dance, dress up, and even fly, or at least you think you can when you jump off of furniture (we’d appreciate it if you would stop that). You are the softest cuddliest thing I’ve ever known. And girl, you are so very peculiar. There is no denying it.
As an infant you’d like to dangle your head upside down while you were being held. It scared the crap out of people. I think they thought your neck was broken, but you just liked viewing things a little differently.
When your teeth came in you got your lateral incisors (the ones on the side) before your front teeth. For the longest time you looked like you had fangs, which may be trendy at the height of the Twilight monomania, but we’re glad you are NOT a vampire.
You’ve never reached out to be held like most children do, instead you just stick your elbows out like you are doing the chicken dance and expect that someone will scoop you up.
For almost a year now you have been able to color, brush your teeth, eat with a fork, drink from a cup, unscrew lids, and dress yourself. It’s like you have the dexterity of someone twice your age, but you WILL. NOT. TALK. Oh, we’ve heard you say mama, brubu (brother), up, and bye bye in context, as clear as day, but the vast majority of the time you communicate verbally about as much as our family dog.
And while you may perplex your mother and the people around you, I wouldn’t change a thing. In fact you inspire me to be an out of the box thinker. Every time you don’t do something by the book I realize that there is more than one book, or maybe you are writing your own book. I love that about you. I hope and pray that you always break the mold. It would be a shame to stifle the unique, creative individual that God created you to be. The sky is the limits as far as what you can become. Don’t let the world distract you from that. Stay beautiful. Stay true. Keep being you.