I did my first Pinterest craft. I had this one listed under the category of For The Kiddos, and it was super easy! I thought I would share it with you because even though we did it for Valentine’s day, you could use it for a lot of things, like a card for grandma, or teaching Bible verses about love. It’s cheap, creative fun, and my favorite part is that it could work for almost any age.
All you need is some paint, paper, bowls, and empty toilet paper rolls.
I used Crayola washable paint and narrowed it down to 4 colors.
Then I squirted about a tablespoon full into 4 disposable bowls.
I cut up a paper towel roll into 3 parts and used one toilet paper roll. I bent them into the shape of a heart and taped each one to make sure they held their shape.
The kids dipped the rolls into the paint and use them as stamps.
It was a great Valentine’s day activity and even though it got a little messy the Crayola paint said “washability you can trust” and it was. All their clothes and any furniture that wasn’t covered in newspaper all came out fine.
In the end we got some cute art for the fridge and eventually their baby books.

Thanks to Rust and Sunshine for this idea.