I’ve blogged A LOT about my house recently. It’s therapeutic for me. I won’t be able to call it my house much longer. Shoot, maybe even tomorrow. January 31st was supposed to be our closing date, but we hit a snag with the appraisal. It is valued perfectly fine for what we are asking, but some very unlovable FHA guidelines threatened to not fund our buyers if we did not remove and properly dispose of the presumably lead based paint off the garage, and add another step to the cement stairs off of the exterior entrance in the master bedroom. It’s all a little crazy, and unheard of. Even the agents were perplexed, but we did everything they asked, and now we are just waiting. Waiting in an empty house that feels awfully drab and echoes like deep dark cave. I can see why staged homes sell better.
And why is our home empty? Well, we had planned on moving and already made arrangements with my family and the moving truck company. So we packed a weeks worth of clothes and just about everything else went with my parents up to Kentucky. The cool thing about it is that I always pictured my usual procrastinating self panicking at the last minute, trying to box everything up and get it out of the house, while the new home owners looked at their watches in disapproval waiting to get in. Going about it this way means I know it’s done and it was all done with time to spare.
Z has handled all of this very well. He knows we are moving to Kentucky , he understood why we had to box his toys up He even helped load the truck and got to go for a little ride in the big rig. He has enjoyed the whole experience through and through as if it were a special treat.
This is a cute clip of Z carrying one of our Christmas yard penguins onto the truck. He wanted to help and he took his job very seriously.

The funny thing is I said he could bring something with him for the big car ride and he chose his Cars 2 toys, however I had discovered that Buzz and Bulls Eye were packed in one of the suitcases, then Woody was found in a kitchen cabinet. I guess Buzz and Woody are coming with us too. It’s just like the end of the first movie when Woody says “Uh, Buzz You missed the truck.” and Buzz says “We’re not aiming for the truck”, and they land right next to Andy in the van.
It shouldn’t be too long before the toy story gang gets to ride in the 4 Runner next to Z, but when exactly that is, I guess we just have to keep waiting to find out.