I’ve blogged quite a bit about our big kitchen remodel!

Because of that I won’t spend too much time talking about every little upgrade and amenity, but I will show you what I have for before and after pictures because I can’t help myself.
Who cares if we had no dishwasher and a stove that had to be lit by hand for 5 years, not to mention we lived with a kitchen catastrophe for half of 2008. There was NO kitchen. We lived off of a refrigerator and microwave in the living room and washed our dishes in the bathroom sink until the project was finished.
None of that even needs to be mentioned when you look at the end result and just pretend that it all magically appeared like *POOF*. Are you ready for the poof factor? Okay…
The kitchen as it was when we bought it in 2004
Breakfast nook
brand new cabinets and appliances
Breakfast nook.
*** Ta Dah***