We have 20 days left until our closing date and we will probably be out of here a tad sooner if things go as planned. It’s impossible to fit in one last time dining at each of our favorite restaurants, or photograph every little thing we want to remember, or go on one final outing with each and everyone of our friends, but I want to do as much as possible. Other than our obligations for moving and my job, we are trying to soak up every bit of life in Texas as we know it.

We’ve have been blessed with some very special opportunities already to just hang out with people. Like the pals we went to Austin with
And so many others.
The next two weeks are devoted to writing the final chapter of our story here. It’s not that we will never see these friends again, we definitely will, but the relationships are changing and I want to focus on spending time with our loved ones. Because, to quote Rachel from friends, that my friend is what you call CLOSURE.