I posted an album on Facebook of the before and after photos of our house. I was so overwhelmingly encouraged by the response. My favorite comment was:

    • Unfreakingbelievable! Seriously, one of the most amazing renovations I’ve ever seen. You should submit this to a show or something. Way to go!

I don’t know about a Television show, but a blog series maybe? Over the next 2 weeks that I have left here in this house I want to highlight some of the work we’ve done in the past 7 years. Let’s start with… The Living Room What It Was Before:What We Did: We gutted this entire room. Took out the carpet, stripped the windows, ripped out the tile, tore down the walls. Then we insulated, put up new sheet rock, mudded, refinished the floors, painted, added the trim and crown molding. We also retiled the fireplace using black slate which matches the flooring in the kitchen . It all sounds very Extreme Home Makeover, when in real life this process took 7 years! We did a little at a time and didn’t finish until it was for sale. Reality shows are nice, but reality checks are even better.
What it is now:

What I’ll Miss: There are a lot of things I love about this room, but I guess one thing that stands out is the fireplace. It’s gas and we’ve never used it, and for the longest time it had no tile and it needed to be painted. It was the ugliest focal point to ever grace an even uglier room, but it held our artwork, stockings, and family photos with pride. I don’t know if we will have a fireplace in our next home, but I hope we do.