The Master Bedroom & Bathroom

Before: Get ready for ugly, ugly, and more ugly.


Bathroom (that’s carpet and some kind of funky stick-on plastic pink tile. YUCK!)
Not even a shower


What I’ll Miss: Our bedroom is pretty dang big for a starter home. I’ll miss that. I will also miss the hardwood floors. I will never forget the day we tore the carpet up in this room. The original floors were in perfect condition in there. The light poured in as my mother in law and I looked at all of the hard work we had just accomplished and I just about cried. It was beautiful. It was beautiful even before we had done anything else, just removing that filthy decrepit monstrosity made a huge difference.
But I think what touched me the most was more than just the flooring, it was seeing potential. Because potential is quite a beautiful thing, when you catch a glimpse of it.