The Dining Room and Hallway


What We Did: The first thing we did of course was tear out the carpet. We didn’t tear down all of the walls in these two areas because we only insulated exterior walls. We did however patch up some holes, refinish the floors, paint, add new crown molding, light fixtures, and window treatments. The cool thing about the light fixtures is that when we knew we were going to sell the house I came across a yard sale a couple blocks from my house. They had a whole stash of new oiled bronze light fixtures. The lady told me her something about her son being an electrician and some yadda yadda that I didn’t completely get, but what I did understand was that this meant jackpot for me. I texted J a picture to make sure he approved and he said to load them up.



I spent $30 and replaced all the old lighting in our house just like that. The only problem was that the chandelier in the dining room had no globes. However, I was pretty excited when I came home one day to find that J had installed the chandelier with 5 matching globes that were an exact match with the amber glass from the other lights that we had purchased and he got them for 75 cents each at a local thrift store.

He’s handy and thrifty (that’s my dream guy).

What I’ll Miss:I will definitely miss all the built in stuff like the bookshelf in the dining room and phone nook at the end of the hallway. I wish I could just take them with me, but then obviously they would not be built in anymore would they? Oh well.