Bathroom and Laundry Room


Of all the before and after grand reveals this one is probably the least eye catching. The thing about home renovations though is that there is more to it than meets the eye. When we moved into this house it wasn’t up to modern standards at all and one of the first things J did was gut the shower so that he had access to all the plumbing underneath the house. This “shower” was a catch all closet for things like my coupon stockpile up until we put it on the market.
Another aspect of the house that I never really had the chance to enjoy is the utility sink. J installed it at the very last minute. There is a funny story behind this counter top though. J being the resourceful little pack rat that he is used our old kitchen sink along with some wood he salvaged at a junk yard. He was supposed to be getting rid of stuff at the dump, but ended up coming back with a bunch of wood that was taken out of a strip club. When J showed me his beautiful craftsmanship he informed me that it was reclaimed from the cabaret. Reclaimed and redeemed I added. He agreed.