Here are 10 things I loved about SJ’s first birthday party.

1. The Cupcake Inspiration

The theme came from the pink cupcakes that I made a year and a half ago when I announced that I was having a girl.

2. The 70 beautiful cupcakes
I am convinced that I have some of the most talented friends in the world, they made the assortment of cupcakes which varieties included strawberry, chocolate, cinnamon and more!

3. The BIG Cupcake
I purchased the cupcake mold a long time ago when I got the idea for the party. This cupcake is the same size as a 13×9 sheet cake. It has sugar cookies on the outside and tie dye batter on the inside.

It was a party of it’s own.

4. The Goodie Bags
What happens when you have a party with enough sweets to feed the entire city? Leftovers. I provided little to go bags, and encouraged people to take goodies and a one year photo home with them.

5. The Memory Books
On the same table as the goodie bags were some pictures, photo albums, and SJ’s baby book for guests to thumb through that afternoon.

6. Valentines Stuff
The best part about an early March birthday party for a girl is all the pink stuff on CLEARANCE after valentine’s day. The cupcake tower, decorative, hearts, candy, and goodie bags were all at least 75% off.

7. Decorations
I started talking about this fun stuff from Party Express months ago.

8. The Gift Table
I decorated the gift table with a valentine clearance table cloth, the #1 photo prop that I used for her pictures, and our gift to her which was “If You Give A Cat A Cupcake”.

9. Wardrobe Changes
Yes this little diva had 3 wardrobe changes (although in all fairness we did this with our son too). The birthday dress that her photos were taken in.

Followed by the black and white over coat and cupcake bib for the eating portion of the party

Then this adorable ensemble with a customized cupcake onesie, tutu and big girlie bow made by my friend Crystal.

10. The People and Guest of Honor of Course
There were so many fun details that day I could literally do a scrapbook designated just to her birthday party, but take away all the sugar, pink, and helium and we would have still had one of the best days ever because of the people that were there and who it was all about.

This list is a part of Oh Amanda’s Top Ten Tuesday. Six more months before my little guys birthday. Yes I am already planning.