A few months ago I put  getting back into my prepregnancy clothes as one of my summer goals. Then last week I accomplished that goal.

Here is what I had posted online.

“I did it! I reached my prepregnancy weight. I could use some help in the tone and definition department, but overall I feel healthy and happy”

I am ashamed to say that just that short statement had to be mulled over and rewritten several times. First off because I don’t want to make anyone feel insecure if they haven’t met their personal weight loss goals, and I also don’t want that to be the focus of what I am all about. I didn’t want to sound prideful either. But more than all that, in my mind I was thinking about how imperfect my body still is and always has been. Can I really say with confidence that I am healthy and happy?Here’s the deal ladies and this is a biggie, I reached a number on a scale that I had in my head and it still didn’t fulfill me. I had a moment of satisfaction followed by feelings of insecurity. This can’t be it, I still have a muffin top in most of my clothes. I have cellulite, and stretch marks. I am still not satisfied.

It was in this moment (and by moment what I really mean is a vague underlying feeling) that I had to make a decision to be happy and healthy.

Paul talks a lot about contentment (1 Timothy 6:6, Philipians 4:11, 2 Corinthians 9:8) and being satisfied with what you have and where you are at.

You don’t have to be anorexic or a plastic surgory glutton to have a body image problem. Do you tear yourself down for how you look? Do you compare yourself to others? Do you feel discontent with your body more often than you feel content? Then you have a problem.

If this little blog is in any way a platform that somehow can make a difference then I will say unapologetically that I LOVE my body! I may need to be reminded of this when my weight fluctuates, or when I am around the modelesque girls in North Dallas, or when I am in my sixties, but I am committed for the long haul.

It’s not about pride or conjuring up some feel good statement. It’s about giving up that area of self pity and freeing up every part of me to be whole and focus outwardly in the truth of who I was called to be, a beautiful creation inside and out.