With my son I did his first meal by the book and I did have some reasons for that, but with his sister she seemed to be doing perfectly fine with just breastfeeding so I held out a little over 6 months before sitting her down to spoon feed her. Not only did I wait longer this time around, but I gave her avocado as her first food.

I was hesitant at first because I thought that you HAVE to start with rice cereal, but what I learned is that this is based solely on traditional practice and has no scientific evidence to support it. It dates back to over 50 years ago when people were feeding their infants at one month old. Since rice cereal is hypoallergenic it was the one thing that was well tolerated at this age. We now know that it was not the food, but the age that was conflicting. Turns out babies can do just fine for the first 6 months of life on breast milk alone (in fact they function best this way). For more information on this research you can check out this pediatric news article which is support by the AAP.
That being said here is a peak at SJ’s first meal.
If you use an Avent pump I highly recommend these Avent storage containers. They are BPA free, they freeze (and can be thawed in hot water just like a bottle), you can write on them, and they work with the Avent pumps and nipples which really comes in handy.
Avocado is a great first food because they contain carbohydrates, protein, and unsaturated fatty acid, all of which babies need and unlike bananas that have porous skins, avocados have thick inedible skin that protect them from pesticides or funguses that could be harmful.

On top of all that they are SO easy to prepare. No cooking or even blending is necessary. Just mash up the avocado until smooth and creamy, add breast milk if desired and you’ve got yourself some homemade baby food!

This whole avocado adventure was a first for my baby girl. It has taken some time to get used to, but she never once cried or refused to eat. It has also been a first for me in that I have never made my own baby food before. I now have a husband that loves fajitas, a son that loves tortillas, and a baby that loves avocado. Can we say “Tex Mex”?

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