10398759_114688344699_6456199_n My son just turned 3 over the weekend.  I look back at the past year and having a two year old was certainly challenging, but he would always say the cutest things to make up for the hard times. Here are 10 of my favorite saying from Z-

1. “I was louding for you. Did you hear me?” (meaning he was yelling)

2. “I want Bud Light” (He used to call Buzz Light Year, Buzz Light, only he mispronounced it)

3. “I stopped screaming see” (as he would point inside his mouth)

4. I said “Z you melt my heart” and he said “no your heart’s right there” and points to this hanging on the wall


5. “I don’t want style and I don’t want style on my head” (in regards to hair gel)

6. I am waiting for the Lion King (His response when a woman asked if He was waiting for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords)

7. “The baby wants a beer” (he pronounces bear as beer. When he thought the baby wanted a teddy bear it sounds like something else)

8. When he was trying to eat my brownie I said “No that’s mommy’s” and he responds “No, that’s chocolate”

9. “The cloud turn the light off” (When the room got darker because of a cloud blocking the natural light)

10. ” I’m dissapointed! I am SO dissa really pointed” (I guess he thinks disappointed is two words?)

There are so many others and I wish I could remember them all. Who knows what his newfound 3 year old vocabulary will bring. I am sure it will be fun!

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