This week we celebrated baby Z’s first birthday with a construction party. I have to admit I had been so focused on out of town guests, parties, presents, and cake that I almost forgot that my baby was turning one! Wow, it feels like only yesterday he seemed so fragile resting in my arms and I would watch in amazement as he would barely open his eyes to peek up at me. Now he is on the go and ready to explore the world around him, but he still looks up at me with those same eyes only now he can say mama. It’s hard to believe all that happened in one year. It is a pretty big milestone he just crossed, and we went out with a bang. Here are some of the highlights of Baby Z’s First Birthday…

**I apologize for the poor photo quality. The digital images were erased somehow, but luckily I had prints so these are just photos of the photos. Oops.**

When Z was born we put balloons out that let the neighbors know that he had arrived. We put a bouquet of balloons in the yard again for his birthday.


The theme was construction. I was a bit embarrassed that our house is STILL under construction so rather than fight I just went with it.


There were trucks, cones, party hats, caution tape, and Z even had a construction truck romper.


One of my best friends made the cakes and they turned out AMAZING.




When the guest arrived we snacked, visited, and looked at photo albums of Z and his baby book reminiscing all the good times from the past year.


We knew the cake would be messy so we undressed Z for the big event. Then TA-DA construction cloth diaper!


He loved this next part.



After the cake he had a quick bath and then sported his final ensemble for the night, another construction outfit.


Z had lots of fun and really enjoyed being spoiled with attention and plenty of presents. In honor of my baby boy I read this poem that I had written for him. I’ll end with this.

Do You Know That Feeling?

Do you know that feeling when someone comes into your life

and now you can’t imagine life without them there?

And the fear of loosing them can be all too intense

so you ask God for protection with each prayer.

Do you know that feeling when a little smile

can be the one thing that gets you through the day?

Then there are the times when you are soaking in the moment

and you just lay there with nothing to say

Oh what a feeling when you’re laughing so hard

you can’t stop, but you don’t even know why.

Or the feeling that only your tears can express,

when you just cry cause your so thankful for this life.

This is your one chance and you want to get it right

but you know there’s no one that can tell you how.

Can you believe you thought that all of this would hold you back

when really life is so much greater now.

Do you know that feeling when words cannot express

such an overwhelming sense of joy?

Well, I have know these feelings for a whole year now