Welcome to the messy mom blog! The reason that I chose that name is not because I am proud to be messy or because I feel like that is the phrase that defines me. It is because I wanted to be as transparent as possible. This blog isn’t about having all the answers, but hopefully I do have a few. I have been a wife for almost 8 years and a mom for 11 months now. Like most of us, I am just trying to figure it all out day by day, and to be honest sometimes it gets pretty messy. Not just metaphorically, but in my case, quite literally. You DO NOT want to see my house right now, (although in future entries I will be posting that too.) I am so excited to start writing and I’ve compiled a list of some of things you can expect to get out of the messy mom blog.

Through the good and the bad it is encouraging to know that there are people out there going through the same thing.

I never take myself too seriously. I am a self proclaimed sit down comedian

Tips tricks and advice on things from everyday life ☺

I am a photographer so I cannot help but have VISUALS!

We can all benefit from hearing from a point of view different than our own.

Whether you are a new mom, an experienced mom, or even if you just happen to have a mom, I hope that you enjoy reading these upcoming adventures and maybe in the end life can seem just a little less messy.